Opere e poesie

Giorgio Agnisola

I think that the art of Giuseppe Rossi is a bilance between symbolic geometry and iconographical synthesis, that is to say, art in which man has not, at all, disappeared  but implicit, as in invisibile presence recorded beyond the gates of a built up architecture. 

Giuseppe Rossi works on the plain to give a meaning to the space. The same “transparency” of his works, the possibilità of breaking through them which is implicit in his work if it is laid upon a white wall, seems to show a three-dimensional as a passage to an horizon to lean out from.

It is not the strict law of geometry but it is the bilance freedom of the frame that shows itself directly into its deep representation.

There exists in Mr. Rossi a research constant flow, that seems to be shut on the psychological and formal side, inside even minimal variations, that determine  view choices seeming clear to read from the distance and that really correspond to following measured passages always supported by an intellectual lucidity an by an intense project work, in additin g to a genuine creative afflatus.