Opere e poesie

Lucio Saviani

The meeting with art can be seen  as a meeting with someone who has “vision” of the world different form ours, and with that vision we are called to face ourselves.

It's like to pass through an invisible or just  passed by threshold. We dwell upon it, when something tells us that we are nearby a masterpiece.

A threshold is the apparition of a paradoxical border   line: the strange place, that at the same time, joins and splits; undecided  place where it is always possible to get in but, at the same time, to get back and then come out, too. A threshold can only be passed through: a nowhere place where something  happens and confuses what is far, the identity and the difference, allowing  entrance to what is outside and the exit to what is inside, splitting and  joining them.

Giuseppe Rossi shows the absence and the presence game in to essential and  harmonic sign.