Opere e poesie

Marco Speroni

The composition of black sheet metal that moves from the wall goes to amplify the space behind it, the rise of distributed red triangles on a black and the illusory overlapping circles to create a dynamism that go from the internal fights the rigid geometry of the structure.

The protagonist of the work of Giuseppe Rossi is the point of view of the viewer, who changes his way to see the work creating a different movement of lines and opening up possibilities. Illusory perspective of a high visual impact (Pop Art).

The latest work of he artist are shown in open fields, trying to find a lost harmony between the nature and man. These installations of wood, temporary incursions into the landscape going to change for the short time of exposure to the sites chosen by the author (the sea-shore, the rocks, plants, lawns, etc.).

... In some cases (eg. forty-stelae of varying heights scattered on the hill) the viewer has the opportunity to be part of the installation, to live inside the work done beyond the threshold of space to get into that infinity of art. The composition of red wood and man, surrounded, by the silence of nature expressed in with a synchronic vision of mystical ritual, a theatrical performance of a play by intense emotional impact.

As for the poetry Rossi moves away from the canonical metrical structures and finds its ideal form of expression in the lyric quick, simple and yet has great depth of meaning, fast and whirling down to capture the mind.

In the catalogs intense poems accompany the artist's works: this is because they often refer to the birth of the work, revealing the creative moment. The line is well matched by the sculpture or in installation, and vice versa.

Rossi goes to ongoing research and the word of image. Two sides in the same street along and always committed to the work submitted, as amended by external (society) and by inside (the mind of the artist). Centripetal and centrifugal force can be found, as if by magic at the same point: the point of arrival and departure, where the old and the new show to mingle for eternity of this art.

"Keeps on hitting the iron bare / that slows then gets dressed. / From the mist a shadow advances in subdued light / and then it happens"
(Free verses from the collection "Moments" by Giuseppe Rossi 2006)

Milan, 20 Sept 2008 - Marco Speroni art critic
Catalog by Italian sculptors 2009-2010 - Ed. G. Mondadori