Opere e poesie

Rossella Rossi

These new works of Giuseppe Rossi are outdoor installations, they are movable structures of wood and iron. They are pillars and portals: primitive figures interacting with the circumscribed space. They are not the informal and plastic works like "Marine Determination" or "First house": these last works are linear structures, repeating themselves in the space.

These are sown presences on the hill, scenery of the first village, they are traces of the man in nature. Rossi evolves and repeats at the same time in the continual search of different forms, of new relations between the "inside" and the "outside" of another visual language.

In these installations the red circle dominates the different compositions, it is the hinge on which the whole work is based, it is a sign that gives life to the iron structures, it occupies the territory changing it in an other representation.

These works, minimal compositions with symbolic aspects, represent a new target: arrivals becoming start in Rossi's continuous artistic growing.